Jeopardy For The Hopes Of Amazon’s Cloud Computing

The future hopes of Amazon seem to be in jeopardy.

The mega online retailer had announced that its new venture of selling computing services on the internet, known as Amazon Web Services, will be the size of its foundation venture of selling stuff. However, in the recent reports, the growth of this venture looks to have drastically showed down like never before.

A.W.S is yet small, in comparison to Amazon’s efforts in reselling, devices and books for others. Although, the executives of Amazon confirms that this other is the biggest category of revenue by far.

For the subsequent financial quarter, that section was around $1.2 billion, 37 percent more than the previous year. In comparison to the first quarter, the division shrank about 3.2%. There hasn’t been another drop whilst the Amazon’s initial quarter of 2013. This was for the reason because of the profound usage of the web service during the holiday season. However, this time the bucks did not come about.

So what happened?? What must have gone wrong?? Undoubtedly, the law of big numbers says that nothing can develop at the nosebleed rates for a long time. This seemed to be untimely in the game for a halt. Although, since the web services of Amazon and its competitors are of the view that cloud computing will ultimately rule the worldwide computing business.

On an earnings call, the executive said A.W.S had to react to the pressure of price. Particularly, on late march, there was an announcement by Google, that there will be drastic price cuts for its cloud computing venture that Amazon had to counterpart. Microsoft that provides the cloud venture known as Azure to people has a policy that matches Amazon.

Time, people and price are the costs that do not pay well for A.W.S. in the very recent financial quarters; Amazon had around $5billion in marketable and cash securities. Microsoft and PhotonVPS had around $88 billion, and Goggle had around $59 billion. And IBM has around $10 billion and a significant amount of liability to service.
Amazon does not have an enormous list of named client and also lots of firms that are not ready to confess that anyone else operates their computers. It has a massive cloud and also technical understand of the worldwide scale computing which is second to nothing. All it requires is a larger sales team for the business and also a mode to get faster check signing.

Deutsche Telekom AG (DTE) offers well-guarded protection from Government spies and hackers

Deutsche Telekom AG (DTE) is inviting all the international and multinational companies to their new and innovative data center which will provide legal as well as physical protection to all the companies from high profiled hackers and also the government spies.

Location details of the data center

The data center is located at Biere which is a small farming place situated in the west of Berlin, a two hours trip. In the data center server rooms supported by linux virtual server technology are situated which can be entered only by means of bridges which are more or less like those of the castles and palaces in the medieval period. Along with the bridges there are cameras all round the place which offers thermal imaging, specially equipped and skilled security professionals and electronic doorways.

After the completion of the server farm in Germany it will be the largest in the world. Timotheus Hoettges who is the chief executive officer stated that Biere is the safest place to store data in the entire world and that it was essential that the data was kept within Germany which even the clients from the United States wanted and insisted upon. The opening date of the data center is on the 3rd of July and the client companies along with the government were quite convinced on the fact that the confidential data and information of any citizen, company or of the government itself will not be hampered and compromised.

Secrecy well-maintained

The data which is stored in the Deutsche Telekom servers are encrypted and encoded so that outside people will not be able to understand or rather reach the important and vital information stored in form of data. This is a point of great value for people as well as client companies who would do anything to safeguard the trade secrets of their organization. One of the primary growth areas of the largest telecommunication organization in Europe is data hosting as gradually the revenue generated from phone is decreasing day by day.

Deutsche Telekom refuses to state the names of the citizens and companies who all have signed by to safeguard their data in this data center in Biere and also in a identical server farm which is located near Magdeburg, and are willing to protect their server and information from hackers and as well as spies. In the primary stage the center has a space that can easily facilitate 30,000 computers in this data center.

Blogging May Help Businesses Thrive

Blogging is a popular form of online communication. With blogs, people write and publish their thoughts to the web, allowing others to read those thoughts at any time and anywhere in the world. In recent times, blogging has more or less become popularized for marketing various things.

The use of blogging in marketing mostly involves businesses undertaking blogging. For businesses, blogging is a low cost, informal and easily maintainable way to keep in touch with employees and customers. The real time updating nature of blogs also make the platform an ideal medium for business advertising.

‘Online social presence is key’

Local businesses especially can benefit from blogging. Cyber Host Pro, a reputable cloud hosting provider, recently emphasized that comment in an interview with a local news source.

According to Chris Danks, the director of Cyber Host Pro, an ‘online social presence is a key attribute needed for mass customer interaction and engagement.’ Instead of having to face the advertising clutter found on social networks, blogging is considered a more ‘personal and coherent platform that’s pretty much invaluable’ to any business.

‘Blogs allow businesses communication’

Danks continued, in the interview, about how businesses utilize blogging nowadays. He mentioned that ‘businesses can use blogs to communicate with their customers on a truly intimate level.’ That alone allows businesses and their customers to establish a healthier relationship from the start.

Compare that to using a social network profile to establish a relationship with customers; given the nature of the platform, it can take businesses a longer time to know about their target market.

He also mentioned the importance of blogs to business employees. A business can use a blog to ‘increase employee involvement and, eventually, solidify the brand’s voice.’

Businesses can thrive if they build blogs featuring ‘interesting posts about their day-to-day operations, fascinating facts about their services or products and other creative outlets that affords them self expression.’

‘Drive traffic to websites’

Business blogging also drives traffic to a business’ main website. When used in conjunction with search engine optimization (SEO), individual blog posts can show in search results pages of related searches.

When that happens, target consumers feel compelled to look at the business’ website after looking at their blogs. Sometimes, a business earns a significant amount of conversions through blogging. In fact, many businesses now combine blogging with SEO to make their posts ‘web rich’ and ‘search engine friendly.’

Blogging is now a part of a business’ marketing plan. Businesses who want to reach out to a target audience may do that with blogging, since it works well as an organic marketing opportunity.

The Advantage and Disadvantage of Web Hosting

Introduction of web hosting

I would like to share my experience in connection with website hosting and draw the bloggers’ attention to be cautious when choosing web hosting. If you are a blog writer it is indispensable to purchase a server where you can store your files for your own website. There are numerous blog writers who do not know the importance of this step.

We have to mention that blogger is not the same as webmaster. They differ in some aspects and those people who are freshers do not notice these distinctions. They prefer not to give away money on an adequate hosting. Although, it is very useful and valuable in the near future, if you plan to enhance the function of your blog. For me, during my blogging activities, I have found HostGater to be the perfect and most unique opportunity for bloggers.

My experience is to pay for web hosting sites, because they provide you with stability and safety. Of course, you have to select the one which satisfies your interest, because they are not the same. If you host for a website then it means you are responsible for your own work. You have ownership of your projects, because if you do something, people rely on you and you should confess it. When I did not host for website, I got some complaints and my site was down for a couple of months and most of my visitors and clients left. So, it is not worth playing this game. Hosting for website is recommended.

Problems with PhotonVPS

I have bad experience in connection with VPS (virtual private hosting) that I ordered from a company that previously offered me servers. They needed more than a day to set up totally the VPS. After the successful set up I wanted to try it out, how does it work and I experienced that PHP is not working properly. I attempted to solve the problem by myself but later on I canceled that VPS and also my shared hosting from that company. I would just proffer this for those, who are in need of inexpensive and acceptable performance shared hosting and the support is not so important.

Another case happened in 2009, when I purchased an unmanaged VPS from a website. It was not expensive, because of the unlimited sales. It was Christmas time and you could get it for cheap price. Although, later on I realised that it was not cheap because of Christmas. Their server performance was extremely bad and ineffective. I was greatly shocked when my regular visitors just left from my facebook application. I have already informed my friends to omit this website and pay attention on cheap sales at Christmas time.

The best one

In 2013, I purchased shared hosting from a website and I was not satisfied with the performance of the server, so I tried out another shared hosting. I did not want to mention the bad websites but now I should emphasise the greatest one, which is HostGater. It is really perfect and valuable. It has IP and SSl for free of charge. The performance of the server is brilliant and its support is also outstanding. The chat system is working and the server response time is fast and you can chat all the time.

Keep in mind, before you pay for shared hosting, do not forget to check out reviews. Some of the companies accept 60 days unconditional cash back guarantee, when you postpone your account. So, you just have to buy one, try it out and if you are not satisfied, cancel it.

Web Hosting is Important or Not?

Use web hosting for blogging!

During my blogging and web hosting career, I have encountered with a bunch of advantages and disadvantages as well. I have a wide-range of variety experience I should share with the curious reading audience. Mostly, these observations derive from web hosting.

As we know, blogging is a business and a career as well. It is time-consuming, claims investments and needs to flourish. Most of the bloggers set up free blogs and they do not think forward and thus limit themselves. It is advisable to purchase a domain and put their articles at that. It is extremely important to find an adequate web hosting. And, of course it is not the same, which host you select.

First of all, I am writing blogs on a daily basis and it helps me to earn enough money to get by. In the beginning, I did not believe in it that you can earn your living as a blog writer. My articles were so convincing, thrilling and macabre that I had countless visitors. On the other hand I can not say that I was so successful with choosing the proper web hosting. There were some pretty good, but in most cases there was always some problem with them which did not satisfy my interest.

Personal experience

To begin my story, here is my first experience in connection with web hosting, which dates back to 2010. I first purchased a shared hosting from a local company. They offered be valuable and not so expensive service and support. Later on it appeared out that they supply their hosting from another website.

The next year, when I bought shared hosting account and domain, I used my credit card. On this website, I hosted one of my site that I purchased for 1 year hosting. Although, I have some problems with their control panel and the management of my host. It is extremely tardy and unhurried. And not to mention their server, which sometimes timeout but it hosts low level service applications. I guess, the problem is that their server is dividing lots of accounts and the response time is very unhurried most of the time. I will never use this web hosting again and I let people know about its faults and errors.

My next case was also unforgettable. After a couple months since the last bad experience, I also purchased another shared hosting and domain from a specific website. I thought that their support and service is phenomenally acceptable. The server was impeccable as the accounts were shared per server. And, of course the server response time was perfect, so for hosting applications such as facebbok is recommended. Although, these things sound very good, after a several months of usage I noticed downtime of my site in their server. I have messaged them a ticket and it endured for a couple of hours to solve the problem. I was very disappointed according to their support and what is more, I had a priority ticket. Although, they have a system for chatting, but most of the time it is not accessible.

In 2012, I bought a server, which operated perfectly and without any failure. I recommended the company to my friends that I purchased the server from, because it is very effective if you have applications with high level traffic. You are able to buy several servers from this company and if you do not use them anymore, you can just easily delete them from your account and you just pay for the usage of the servers.

Web Hosting Experience

The next couple of experiences I share, derive from my personal encounter regarding web hosting. It is recommended to be expert and professional blogger, for example if you want to purchase shared hosting from some unknown companies.

Difference between domain and web hosting

Comparing web hosting with domain hosting, we clearly realise that there is a huge difference between them. Domain hosting is just buying an URL for your blog, while web hosting serves as a storage for website files on an isolated web server. You can find web hosting that does not cost a dime but keep in mind that this has limited space. You will encounter really strict cutbacks even if you purchase a domain for your blog.

The disadvantage of the restrictions

There is no possibility to establish sub-domains, and moreover you are not able to set up a forum or any other applications. What is more, you are unable to create webpages and you will be controlled to a few e-mail addresses, if they are available. You can count on a third party and it will disable you to host scripts on your website. There is a limitation in uploading certain files, excluding images and videos that has to be given to your post. The size of the uploadable images are indicated. It can not exceed 1GB in total.

We have to mention that blogger is not the same as webmaster. They differ in some aspects and those people who are freshers do not notice these distinctions. They prefer not to give away money on an adequate hosting. Although, it is very useful and valuable in the near future, if you plan to enhance the function of your blog. For me, during my blogging activities, I have found HostGater to be the perfect and most unique opportunity for bloggers.